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The Web Conference - April 2018

Cozy in a few words

Cozy is the first digital home on the market. It provides users with intelligent, decentralized and secure storage that allows them to import their information (such as photos, bank statements, utility bills or mobile phones) into a personal and customizable environment accessible from any device. In addition to storage, users have access to a multitude of applications to automatically manage and organize their data.

Our mission is part of the vision an ethical digital. While the major platforms collect more and more personal data, a Cozy is for the individual a solution helping him to take control: free software, self-hosting and protecting his data - a service whose interests are 'by design' aligned with his interests.

Want to meet us?

If you want to organize a meeting with our co-founder Benjamin André, write an article or invite Cozy Cloud to a conference to talk about Open Source, Decentralization, AI or ethical digital, please contact us at


Here are our brand elements. They include our logo, screenshots from Cozy and its applications like Cozy Store, Cozy Banks and Cozy Drive. You will also find pictures from our team in case you need them.

Branding resources

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Read our blog to discover our daily challenges to help on the way to help everyone gather their data!

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