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13 minutes pour convaincre - December 2017

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Cozy in few words

Cozy is the first digital home on the market. It provides users with intelligent, decentralized and secure storage that allows them to import their information (such as photos, bank statements, utility bills or mobile phones) into a personal and customizable environment accessible from any device. In addition to storage, users have access to a multitude of applications to automatically manage and organize their data.

Our manifesto

  1. Cozy is a militant project whose goal is to make their personal data available to users by providing them with a digital home service solution.
  2. Cozy is a decentralized solution that presents itself as an alternative to Internet giants whose business model is the monetization of personal data based on the profiling of users.
  3. Cozy is a free software, the only guarantee of the confidence that I can grant him.
  4. Cozy is a solution that should reach a wide audience and not be limited to an audience of convinced, with a design that makes it simple and accessible to all.
  5. Cozy exists in an ecosystem favorable to all its components, from the user to the partners (brands, hosts, and developers) not to mention the organization Cozy Cloud.
  6. To be sustainable over the long term, the Cozy Cloud organization needs to be financially viable and must, therefore, have an efficient and ethical business model that can not in any way sacrifice the protection of users' data.
  7. Everyone can decide where their data is hosted and move their Cozy without being locked up.

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