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Retrieve the data stored at your suppliers with Cozy Collect and use them with the applications of your Cozy without limits.

Enjoy your data freely

Use them thanks to the applications already available in your Cozy and all those to come.

Store up to 5 GB of data

Sync, save and share your documents on all your computers and smartphones.

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50 GB

You want to back up all your documents from your computer

An extended storage space to regularly back up your files between all your devices.

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1 000 GB

You are a big consumer of photos and videos

Backup of all your documents without counting (videos, pictures, etc).

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You are CAC 40, DAX or an European equivalent?

Today digital giants your customers better than yourselves and you won't improve your customer relashionship using Facebook Messenger's bots.

Cozy offers you several opportunities to avoid being subjugated by the GAFAs:

  • Services and interactions benefiting from digital privacy for more relevance, recurrence and fluidity, without touching the data.
  • If each brand develops digital services in isolation, the winners will always be the platforms of the digital giants who already have access to the user data horizontally and who are attacking businesses one after the other. Cozy makes possible a market response where each new service enriches the global relevance and can collectively weigh against the giants.
  • GDPR: Data portability is a major change for the digital economy. Cozy offers privacy by design compliance.