About Cozy Cloud

Curious about the people behind Cozy Cloud, about our history, business model, and vision? You're in the right place! Let's start with the most important and the most exciting part.

Our vision

We see Cozy evolving from a personal private cloud and app platform into a universal tool that can help you organize your life and make you more productive by automating routine tasks. It will act as your own personal assistant, providing the information you're looking for and offering advice when you need it. We want Cozy to be of use to both individual users and certain businesses as a solid foundation for building a vendor-neutral cloud platform.

Cozy will offer the ideal solution for virtual private server providers and cloud-enabled storage appliances. It will also serve as an alternative to proprietary services for mobile operating systems. Cozy is already working with several large organizations that are experimenting with the future of their customer relationships.

Our team

We are a team of people who are passionate about software development and who firmly believe in personal privacy and freedom. We also believe in empowering users by providing them free and open source tools that can help them to improve their daily lives and remain independent from commercial service providers. We are a flat organization of equal peers, with executives and a board of members advising us on the business aspects of running the company.

  • Portrait of Benjamin
    Benjamin André Co-founder & CEO
  • Portrait of Lucas
    Lucas Devops
  • Portrait of Zoe
    Zoé Bellot Product Owner
  • Portrait of Joseph
    Joseph Silvestre Product Owner
  • Portrait of Romain
    Romain Foucault Backend Developer
  • Portrait of Nicolas
    Nicolas Ledez Devops
  • Portrait of Clochix
    Brice Support Engineer
  • Portrait of Paul
    Paul Tran-Van Scientist
  • Portrait of Tristan
    Tristan Nitot CPO
  • Portrait of Bruno
    Bruno Michel Backend Developer
  • Portrait of Julien
    Julien Loudet Scientist
  • Portrait of Simon
    Simon Constans Mobile Developer
  • Portrait of Cedric
    Cédric Patchane Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Gregory
    Gregory Le Garec Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Nicolas
    Nicolas Vinot Devops
  • Portrait of Pierre
    Pierre Vandekerckhove Online Marketer
  • Portrait of Raphaël
    Raphaël Rougeron Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of JC
    JC Pagnon Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Sébastien
    Sébastien Nicouleaud Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Enguerran
    Enguerran Colson Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Yannick
    Yannick Lohse Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Christophe
    Christophe Thiriot Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Fabien
    Fabien Bassereau EVP, Product Strategy & Business Development
  • Portrait of Florent
    Florent Traisnel Product Owner
  • Portrait of Patrick
    Patrick Browne Front-end Developer
  • Portrait of Claire
    Claire Swierkowski Product Designer
  • Portrait of Céline
    Céline Steyer Chief Marketing Officer
  • Portrait of Frédéric
    Frédéric Alix Devops
  • Portrait of Caroline
    Caroline Aignan Administrative & Finance
  • Portrait of Sébastien
    Sébastien Blaisot Devops
  • Portrait of François
    François Weber Scientist

Business Model

We work closely with established businesses and service providers to make Cozy part of their offerings. Our expertise and help in building new Cozy-based products and including Cozy into other companies product portfolios generate a steady revenue stream via regular billings and royalties.

Our clients can be divided in three main group

Hosting Providers

They can offer Cozy as a turn-key solution for non-technical users. This allows you to expand your market reach by attracting users looking for a viable alternative to existing solutions like iCloud. Cozy enhances VPS offers by making them easy to use

Chief Digital Officers

They are interested in building apps and products based around personal data. They can use Cozy as a better platform for working with personal data than other existing solutions. Our team can work closely with you through the entire process, providing assistance every step of the way: from creating a proof of concept and organizing test panels to building ready-to-use physical devices and cloud services.

Educational and Academic Institutions

They can use Cozy as a platform for their students. Cozy is a great educational platform that allows students to learn web development in the best conditions. Moreover, Cozy already has apps that allow institutions to manage data as well as interact with main information systems.

You are a company, a startup or a corporate?

Transform a legal constraint into a business opportunity!

Does your company need to comply with the GDPR by May 25, 2018 and you have not found a quick and easy solution to achieve this?

Cozy makes GDPR simple and accessible to all businesses of any size.

Our history

  • February 2013

    The core team is established.
  • March 2013

    The Mes Infos project is launched (experimental platform for working with personal data).
  • June 2013

    Community is established. News about Cozy Cloud hits Hacker News and LinuxFR.
  • July 2013

    Cozy Cloud is selected for the LeWeb competition and joins Mozilla Web FWD acceleration program.
  • August 2013

    WIRED magazine covers Cozy Cloud.
  • November 2013

    Version 1.0 of the platform is announced and WIRED magazine covers Cozy Cloud once again.
  • May 2014

    Cozy Cloud raises $1.1 million from Innovacom and Seed4Soft.
  • December 2014

    Core Cozy apps reach version 1.0.
  • January 2015

    Cozy is showcased at Las Vegas CES running on EMTEC hardware.
  • March 2015

    Tristan Nitot, former Head of Mozilla Europe, joins the Cozy Cloud team.
  • April 2015

    EDF started using the Cozy platform to make experiments to enhance its customer relations.
  • June 2015

    Version 2.0 of the platform is released.
  • September 2015

    Cozy wins the monthly Bitnami contest and joins major open source projects in Bitnami's library.
  • December 2015

    Pine64, a $15 microboard, adds Cozy to their supported OS list.
  • January 2016

    Cozy Cloud and Gandi announced partnership to build a commercial offer. This project won the French Innovation Digital Contest.
  • February 2016

    4 hosting providers propose 1-click install of Cozy.
  • June 2016

    Cozy Cloud raises $4 million from MAIF and Innovacom.
  • November 2016

    Cozy rewrite in Go starts.
  • June 2017

    Cozy new version is launched at Futur en Seine.
  • June 2017

    Cozy Cloud launches a new developer program to foster connectors development.
  • June 2017

    Cozy Cloud in on the Orange booth at Viva Technology 2017 in Paris.
  • September 2017

    Cozy's self-hosting version is available to everyone.
  • December 2017

    Cozy Cloud participates to a entertainment version of Google's trial organized by Usbek&Rica.
  • January 2018

    Public launch of Cozy along with Cozy Banks in Beta.

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