Privacy and Cozy Cloud

Our vision of privacy

At Cozy Cloud, we think that we each have our responsibilities. Let's start with those of Cozy Cloud!

Our responsibilities

  • Cozy Cloud is committed to being at the state of the art as a professional hosting personal data.
  • With regard to your 'private' data, you are solely responsible for the purpose (what you want to do with your 'private' data) and the means (the price / time you are willing to pay / spend to collect and process your data) of the processing of such personal data, Cozy Cloud is then only a technical subcontractor processing your 'private' data.
  • Cozy Cloud prohibits any use, for its benefit or for the benefit of anyone, of all or part of your 'private' data.

Your responsibilities

  • Read the data privacy policy and the conditions of use of the Cozy service.
  • If you are already a Cozy customer, you must read and accept the new terms of services to continue using the Cozy service.
  • If you are not yet a customer, when creating your Cozy, you will have the obligation to consult and accept these famous terms of services.

Types of data we collect

Chart summarizing what data we collect throughout the user journey

How we use your data

To allow you to use your Cozy

By giving you access to your Cozy, allowing you to synchronize and automate the recovery of your data through the activation of a connector and / or application.

To help us improve Cozy service

By integrating landing pages highlighting features of the Cozy service, you question your needs to know you better and you participate in surveys.

To answer your questions if there is a problem

Notifying you of updates to the applications, the Cozy service but also technical bugs and their resolutions via chat or e-mail.

To send you news about the Cozy service

By informing you of the availability of new connectors, applications, features, and general information about the Cozy service.

Third parties who process your data


Subcontrator Data collected or shared Purpose Place of processing
Powens (formerly known as Budget Insight)
  • Banks credentials and banks statements
This is a bank aggregator; we use their banks connectors. France (OVH servers)
  • Content of your Cozy
This is a web hosting provider: we use it to store your data. France


Subcontrator Data collected or shared Purpose Place of processing
  • Email
  • IP
This is a transactional email provider: we use it to send time sensitive email. European Union
  • Email
  • IP
This is an email provider: we use it to send emails to help you start with using Cozy. European Union
  • Email
  • IP
  • Open and Click statistics
This is an email provider: we use it to send emails to send product marketing emails. USA
  • Email
  • IP
This is a customer service software provider: we use it to host our user documentation and answer support emails. USA
Product Board
  • Email
  • Cozy url
This is a product management provider: we use it to group feedback from our users. USA
  • Logs
This is a project management tool: we use it to priorize our users bugs. USA


Subcontrator Data collected or shared Purpose Place of processing
  • Financial informations
  • Email
This service processes payments for us. USA

How we guarantee the security of your data

We use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect Personal Data within our organization. Unfortunately, no storage or data transmission system can be guaranteed as 100% safe. If you have reason to believe that your interactions with us are unsafe (for example, if you feel that the security of your account has been compromised), please contact us immediately.

How to inspire GAFAs with our privacy practices

Make ethics and digital work together, mission impossible?

There is a moral connotation in the word ethics, a kind of general interest, whereas the challenge here is to align the interest of the user with the one of the service.

Recent news with Cambridge Analytica and the hearing of Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that today (and more than ever), the digital ecosystem is shaped by the interest of actors profiling you to sell influence. It means that all the services are thought in this angle, like Facebook and Google.

Behind your ability as a user to benefit from services that are aligned with your own interests, your ability to hope to be able to ensure that these actors offer you an artificial intelligence that gives you advice about your optimum typically, you take an assistant staff like Amazon: do you think he will recommend buying from Auchan? Obviously not!

So the problem is that today you are dependent on digital advisors, digital services whose interest is fundamentally misaligned with yours.

At Cozy Cloud, our mission is to align the interest of the user with the interest of the service.

What impact does RGPD have on the online service user?

Give back power to the user

Benjamin André

The portability of data (Art.20 RGPD) gives you the right to ask a service not only to restore your data in formats exploitable by algorithms but in addition to directly transfer data from one actor to another and all of a sudden, you create the conditions of a digital ecosystem through a competition, alternatives, a mobility that is not possible when the data is locked in your bank, Google, Facebook, at Uber and all of a sudden we give back the power to the user to create the conditions of a market that is aligned with his interests.

How to make sure that the service we subscribe to is ethical?

The only way is to give the user the ability to leave. Competition is taking place, there is a kind of counter-power that is established because the user has the ability to move your service from one controller to another. And you have the guarantee that this third party in front of you will be at your best interest.

You will stay because you can leave

Benjamin André

It is because you will be able to leave, that you will have confidence and the emergence of this ecosystem is conditioned by two things.

On the one hand, the fact that the law includes the obligation of data controllers, online services to make data portable so that the individual can indeed activate his right to portability and second thing that these services have the intelligence to take advantage of these data to create the services create the uses allowing the user to say to himself: not only do I regain autonomy and I benefit from concrete, sounding and stumbling uses that immediately are useful to me and allow me to have a more fluid digital life.

Beyond the promise to allow everyone to reclaim their data, it is possible to build an alternative digital ecosystem, decentralized already promoted by Cozy Cloud.

Download our privacy policy

If you want to have even more information about our privacy policy you can download it here: Cozy Cloud Privacy Policy.

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