Digital transformation

Cozy Cloud helps major brands reinvent their customer service

  • A disruptive approach to Customer Service.
  • Get a quality access to personal data while respecting your customer's privacy.
  • Build a virtuous customer relationship.
  • Create tomorrow's usages.

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Nowadays, companies whose core business is to collect data have the best current knowledge about almost everybody, many of these people being... your customers! Google and Facebook embody this new paradigm, and their extensive understanding of customer needs puts pre-digital businesses at risk.

Accessing personal data is a major challenge for any business entering the digital era. tomorrow's usages will come from data mining and will greatly impact customer relationship. Cozy Cloud helps you provide a customized service while respecting customer's right to privacy.

Cozy Cloud can integrate your Customer Service Site (or App) to a rich and flexible environment, either self-hosted by your customer or hosted by a trusted third-party service. All applications one may need in their everyday life are available on the platform, from their e-mail client to their bank accounts.

Our goal: helping you benefit from an unrivaled digital intimacy with your customers while respecting their private life.

Your customer's Cozy is filled with information: this is the place where they store all their personal data (e-mails, calendar, files, contacts, IoT-generated data, third-party data such as bank accounts and bills for instance).. Their whole digital life is stored in their Cozy, and your application — available from a marketplace similar to the iOS and Android stores — can operate within this transversal data pool. This digital privacy grants a unique vision of customer relationship and allows you to create a brand new value proposition.

Customer relationship thus becomes a new business opportunity. Hosted within your customer's personal cloud your application gives you the power to provide a higly customized service without the need to access his personal data. This application interacts with the data inside the Cozy with a decentralized approach. Data mining, real time customization... Possibilities are infinite, and we can't wait to see what you will come up with!

Main features

A flexible environment

An augmented Customer Account

An Open-source code, to foster confidence

Trustworthy by design

CDO, CMO : your company is undergoing a digital transformation?