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Cozy is the assistant that simplifies your life. You can trust it to keep your privacy safe and to serve you. Here are its main features:

3000 apps are downloaded each month!

Augment your Cozy with your own app

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Cozy speeds up your web app development. It provides you with ready to-go templates, a simple web framework, an ODM and many more helpers. No specific IDE is required, you keep your favorite editor!

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You can build your web app with a single language for client and server: Javascript. Soon, we will support applications composed only of HTML5 and Javascript, no server will be required.

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You will distribute your app easily to the entire community by sharing the Git URL of your repository. No need to worry about deployment anymore!

Stay because you can leave

What is annoying nowadays with online services is that they lock you in. This is not what we intend to do with Cozy. That's why you have the capability to delete your data and leave the platform anytime you want.
NB: Be aware that the below action will erase your data permanently.

Cozy is architectured like a PaaS


The proxy handles all user requests. It manages the authentication and routes requests to the right application.

home / controller

The home app is an UI for the controller. It allows to install or remove applications and to set user parameters.


This is an application provided by Cozy Cloud or the community. It is spawned by the home that finds the sources on a github repo.


Your choice: notes, mails, budget, sport coach...

your app

This is an application you developed. You can spawn it like any other applications.

data system

The data system is a layer between apps and data. It manages application permissions and provides a unified API to access to all kind of data: files, documents or indexes. It publishes changes, so that applications can share data with each other.


This NoSQL storage stores documents as JSON objects.

file system

Files are stored directly in the database as attachments of documents. A fuse implementation is on the roadmap to make things smoother.


A dedicated module handles content indexation through a REST API. It's your personal search engine.

Join our community

We will provide you with support. We'll be glad to hear your thoughts, integrate your contributions and try your brand new app.


Cozy is made by Cozy Cloud, a young France-based startup. Learn more on our website.

Our goal is to build a virtual assistant you can trust. Cozy will be the centre of gravity of your digital life. All your devices, your web services and your contacts will collaborate through it. This way, you will discover a whole new web experience!

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