Ungoogle your digital life

Reclaim your privacy from Google.

  • Reduce dependency on Google with Cozy's Calendar, Contacts, and Emails apps.
  • Maintain multiple calendars with ease and synchronize calendar data across multiple platforms, devices, and applications.
  • Manage your contacts with a minimum of effort and keep them in sync on different devices.
  • Unify multiple email accounts and work with email using a sleek and user-friendly interface.
  • Keeps local copies of all email messages, Cozy can act as a backup tool, too.

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Search, maps, calendar, email, file storage, Android -- Google offers plenty of excellent services and platforms that cover pretty much every digital need. But the easy and enjoyable life in the Google universe comes at the price of your privacy.

These days, It's hard to escape the feeling that Google knows more about you than your closest friends and family.

Moving away from Google completely is probably not practical, but that doesn't mean that you have to accept this situation. Fortunately, Cozy's Calendar, Contacts, and Emails app can help you to reclaim three crucial parts of your digital life: your email communication, daily activities, and contacts.

Calendar offers all essential features for managing events and appointments efficiently. Having a standalone calendar in this day and age of multiple devices and platforms is all but impractical. And the Calendar app supports the CalDAV protocol for syncing calendar data across multiple devices and platforms.

The Contacts app allows you to effortlessly keep tabs on your contacts. Similar to Calendar, the Contacts app can sync contact data between different devices and applications using the standard CardDAV protocol. The Contacts app offers batch tagging, quick view, and advanced search that can help you to manage large contact databases more efficiently.

Finally, the Emails app has three major functions: it acts as an email aggregator, provides a sleek webmail interface, and keeps local copies of all email messages as backup. You can use Emails as a central point for accessing and managing multiple mail boxes, and the app can handle an unlimited number of email accounts that support the standard IMAP protocol. Since the app keeps local copies of all emails, you can use it as a simple email backup tool.

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