Run your cloud at home

Enjoy better storage and keep your data private

Cozy is a versatile and extensible platform that can be put to a variety of practical uses: from sharing your photos with friends and family to contacts and schedule management. More importantly, Cozy can be hosted on your own physical or virtual server.

  • Cozy is available as an installable platform. It will fit perfectly with a box at your home.
  • You can run Cozy on a Raspberry Pi B 2 or a Linux machine.
  • Advanced users can run Cozy as a virtual machine and as a container.
  • Cozy can be deployed on a virtual private server you rent to an hosting provider.

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With Cozy, you don't need a third-party service to run it for you and pay month after month for the privilege. Instead you can deploy Cozy on your own server, and have everything you need: from the Calendar and Contacts apps that support CalDAV and CardDAV, to apps for sharing pictures or for checking weather forecasts. And you don't need a very powerful machine for that. In fact, if you have a Raspberry Pi B 2 or an Ubuntu or Debian machine (like the tiny and relatively inexpensive Intel NUC), you have everything you need to run Cozy. Using packages in the dedicated software repositories, you can install Cozy on Debian and Ubuntu with a few simple commands.

Usually, deploying advanced hosting platforms requires serious technical chops, but that's not the case with Cozy. Our developers went to great lengths to make Cozy deployment as easy as possible. This means that you can have Cozy up and running on your own server in a matter of minutes without having to dig through documentation. Important note: You should take the necessary steps to secure your Cozy installation. Among other things, this includes configuring your firewall and applying all Cozy updates in a timely manner.

Advanced users will also appreciate the fact that Cozy is available as an easy-to-use virtual machine (VirtualBox and OpenVZ) image and a Docker container.

You'll have more control of your data, and thus better privacy.

Instead of running Cozy on your own physical server at your home, you can opt to install it on a virtual private server (VPS). This way, you get the best of both worlds: full control over the system Cozy runs on, but without any maintenance and administration chores.

Hosting Cozy on your own server does require some work on your part, but this approach provides several important benefits. You'll get faster access and higher transfer speeds when using Cozy on the local network. The amount of data stored on Cozy is only limited by the storage space of the machine running Cozy. And since you can easily add more storage to the server, you have virtually unlimited space for your files and data. Last but not least, hosting Cozy at your place can save you money, as you don't have to pay for hosting and additional storage.

Main features

More control on your cloud: your data stay safe at home

Faster access: you can manage your cloud from your local network.

Easily add storage: plug a new hard drive and get tons of new terabytes.

No subscription fees, you manage the hosting yourself.

Ready to be Cozy with your data?