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Aggregate and connect your data.

  • Go beyond the traditional cloud, that focuses on files, by aggregating data of any kind.
  • Collect and making sense of data from various sources easily.
  • Get unexpected insights about yourself via personal analytics.
  • Build your own tool on top of your data and share your app with the community.

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In its present form, Cozy can be put to a variety of practical uses. But we also have a vision of what Cozy will become in the near future. Nowadays, photos and files are not your only personal data. Health data coming from a fitness tracker, information flowing from sensors and appliances in your home, your travel itineraries and hotel bookings, bank transactions and financial information -- there is a wealth of data pouring in from multiple sources. The challenge is to aggregate, process, and manage this vast amount of information. This is where Cozy comes into the picture. Cozy's extensible architecture provides a foundation for building apps that can help you to pull data from various sources and services, make sense of the obtained information, and put the analyzed data to new and exciting uses.

The challenge is to aggregate, process and manage information

Cozy already features a set of connectors for pulling data from external sources developed by our community members. These connectors can collect a wide range of data: from your status updates on Twitter and body data from Smart Body Analyzer, to your bank information and activity data from

Want to get a taste of things to come? Try the KYou Cozy app. It lets you set up a dashboard and configure trackers that pull data from various sources, like amount of emails from Cozy's email app, sleep data from the Jawbone UP platform, commit history from Github and much more.

This is, of course, only the beginning, and there are plenty of other exciting ways to extract, combine, and present data. Here are a few ideas for using Cozy as a personal data hub.

Collect and analyze data like sleep data, number of steps or calorie count. Then, create a personalized fitness program.
Build a dashboard that aggregates and presents data from various sensors in your home.
Home Security
Use Cozy to monitor and control cameras installed in your home.
Keep tabs on your finances, monitor and manage your stock portfolio. Link your bills to your contacts and bank operations.
Keep track of your Airbnb and Uber accounts and travel itinerary directly from Cozy.

Since Cozy is an open platform, third-party developers and coders can use it as a foundation for building their own apps. We can't wait to see what they come up with.

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