Learn Web Development

Computer science students and autodidacts can build apps based on javascript tools like Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js and React.js.

  • Acquire and improve full stack development skills with Cozy.
  • Learn modern technologies by studying and hacking Cozy.
  • Let the friendly Cozy community provide you with valuable feedback.
  • Be a part of the mission to build a better web.
  • Use Cozy to manage your academic schedule and course materials.

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Based on standard web technologies, Cozy is an ideal platform for testing ideas and developing product prototypes. Better still, you can introduce your app to the friendly Cozy community and gather valuable feedback on how useful your product is and how it can be improved.

Additionally, you can reuse the data already stored in the Cozy. It means you can build new services on top of the user's data like his/her emails, contacts, events, sleep tracking, bank operations and many more!

Since Cozy is open source, you can take it apart and study its code as well as hack it to your heart's content. More importantly, you can use Cozy as a tool for acquiring and improving full stack development skills. Cozy is a perfect platform for learning Node.js, Express.js, React.js and Angular JS and how these frameworks are used in real-word software development.

You can reuse the data already stored in the Cozy.

We provide a mentorship program to help you build your app. Topics covered by the mentorship are: code training, debugging or improving the design of your app. Moreover, we can introduce you to technologies like single-page applications, front-end frameworks, ES6 or Coffeescript. Just ask and we'll see how we can help!

More importantly, by writing apps for the platform, you are making a valuable contribution to building a better web. Our goal is to empower people with their data. The more services we can provide to them, the more they will be freed from closed cloud services!

Main features

Open source code

Calendar to manage your Schedule

File storage for your course materials

Tutorials for backend development with Node.js

Tutorials for front-end development with AngularJS and ReactJS

Platform to easily deploy and share your apps