To save you time and effort, we compiled a list of frequently-asked questions about Cozy.

Does Cozy encrypt my data?
Cozy encrypts passwords and connections. The data stored in Cozy is not encrypted, this would negatively affect the overall user experience. We are considering implementing partial encryption of data stored in Cozy.
What is your business model?
Our business model is described in the 'About Cozy' page.
How much does Cozy cost?
Cozy is available free of charge as software you can run on your own Linux machine. The hosted version of Cozy is free during the beta period. After that, the hosting plan is expected to cost between €5 and €10 per month.
Can I install Cozy on a Windows or Mac OS X machine?
Not directly, but we provide Cozy as a virtual machine image, so you can run it using VirtualBox.
How do I install and run Cozy?
You have several options to choose from. You can install Cozy on your own Linux machine or Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. This is by far the easiest way to have Cozy running in no time. Alternatively, you can install Cozy on a virtual private server (VPS), and there are several excellent VPS providers out there, including Digital Ocean. If you want to give Cozy a try without installing it, you can request a Cozy test instance. Soon you'll also be able to sign up for a hosted version of Cozy.
Can I test Cozy without installing it?
You can do that by submitting subscribing to our beta program (click on the Try for free button). You'll be added to a waiting list, and as soon as we set up a Cozy test instance for you, you'll receive an activation link via email.
Can I create accounts for my family and friends on my Cozy server?
Since Cozy is a personal server, it doesn't support multiple user accounts. This makes Cozy more secure and dramatically simplifies server administration.
Can I sync files between my computer and Cozy?
To store files on your Cozy server, you can upload them to the Files app. You can automatically sync files between a Linux desktop machine or laptop and the Cozy server. We are working on OSX and Windows version. You can also use the Cozy mobile app to sync files, photos, and contacts between the Cozy server and an Android device.
Is there a Cozy app for iOS?
We plan to start working on it very soon.
Can I share a calendar with a friend?
Not at the moment, but this feature is on our roadmap.
How can I help Cozy?
The best way to help Cozy is to join our community. See the Community page for further info.
Looks like Cozy is based on Debian. Can I access the underlying system?
Cozy is a platform as a service, and not a virtual server. While you can access the underlying system via a terminal, it has very limited rights -- which means that you can't do much with it.
Can I install another server on my Cozy instance?
If you host Cozy on your own machine, you are free to install any other server on it. However, a managed Cozy instance sits behind a reverse proxy that accepts connections on port 443 only, so it's not possible to access other servers running on different ports.
Can I use Cozy as an email server?
Cozy is not designed to act as a dedicated email server. You can use the Emails app to send and receive emails using your existing email service, though.
Can I install my favorite PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. application on Cozy?
Currently Cozy supports only Node.js applications.