Cozy is a versatile platform. Through its apps, it has multiple uses. Discover here what our team and the community have built for you.

Calendar demo

Built by Cozy

Manage your events and alarms. Sync them with your smartphone and your apps.

Contacts demo

Built by Cozy

Manage your contact books. Sync them with your smartphone and your apps.


Built by Cozy

Read, send and backup your emails.

Files demo

Built by Cozy

Your online file-system, synced with your devices.

Blog (Ghost Platform)

Built by Ghost

Share your stories with the world with the Ghost Blogging Platform.

Photos demo

Built by Cozy Labs

Organize your photos and share them with friends.

Data Browser

Built by Christophe

Browse and visualize all your data (raw format).


Built by Yannick Lohse

Save a copy of your favorite web pages on Cozy.


Built by Clochix

A simple pastebin, a tool to easily share texts, logs and code.

Import from Google

Built by Cozy Labs

An app to import your data from your Google account.


Built by Cozy Labs

Import data from third party services (Twitter, Jawbone, Github…).


Built by Benjamin

Manage your personal finances and link your bills to your bank operations.


Built by Frank

Improve your health and happiness by quantifying yourself.


Built by Remi Roubin

Open Street Map in your Cozy.


Built by Sylvain

Manage your Windows Desktop remotely through the RDP protocol.


Built by Ronan

Listen to your favorite Music in your Cozy.


Built by Cozy Labs

Write notes and augment them with data from other apps.

Remote Storage

Built by Romain

A Remote Storage for your Unhosted applications.


Built by Cozy

Sync your contacts and calendars with your smartphone through CalDAV and CardDAV.


Built by Joseph

Super fast and simple tag-based task manager.


Built by Alexandre

A terminal app to watch the internal of your Cozy.

The Lounge

Built by The Lounge

Access to your favorite IRC channels from your Cozy.


Built by Jeremy Ruston

A non-linear personal web notebook.